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Wyncote House

Fast, easy, and sustainable furniture and bulk pick-up

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Have 'stuff' you need out, but don't know what to do?

The Wyncote House and Rego have teamed up to give your furniture, and other stuff, a second chance. Please fill out our form, and Rego will try to match your furniture, and other stuff, with local charitable organizations instead of the landfill.

If your furniture (or other stuff), is matched with a local organization, you'll receive hauling quotes for furniture pick-up options. 


Click below to get started; our process is quick and easy.

Do good, feel great!

When your furniture is brough to local charitable organizations, you positively impact economic development and lower your carbon footprint. 


Thanks to people like you, Rego has helped divert over 70,000 pounds of furniture away from landfills, off our streets (and away from your condo's dumpster) since opening in 2020, right here in Philadelphia. 

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Book Now

When your furniture is brought to a charitable organization through Rego, in many cases, we can help get your donation receipt. 

You can expect to hear back in under 24 hours, Monday through Friday. If your furniture is not accepted, we'll notify you as soon as possible and help provide other alternatives.

It's quick, easy, and you'll feel great; click below to get started!

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