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Reuse & Recycling platform for your residents  

Save on bulk pick-up while exceeding your sustainability goals and resident experience. 

Apartment Building
Green T-shirt

Yellow Lounge Chair

Need out by: Friday 10/28

What would you like to do with this item?


Brandon, unit 7A
Wyncote House Apartments 

Sell, share, donate,
or recycle. 

Rego makes life easy for property managers and maintenance staff.

We give tenants year-round, easy solutions for hard-to-dispose of items that cause headaches for you and your staff.

Rego is your partner in sustainability. We track important Environmental, Social, Governance (ESG) data for your property to use and benefit from.


Green Couch

Need out by: Monday 10/31

Habitat wants your couch! Click the calendar to schedule your pick-up!

Green Couch

Brandon, unit 7A
Wyncote House Apartments 

Support local 

It's as easy as it sounds. Rego connects resident items to local non-profits and helps with the coordination for you, including pick-up and drop-off.

In many cases, we may be able to help with your donation receipt!

Can we borrow
some sugar?

What if your residents could help each other with a DIY project, or cook a meal, without lifting a finger?

Well, now they can! Posting 'extra' stuff that fellow residents can borrow for a quick project, meal, or whatever they're into, is easier than ever. 

Borrow my drill!

Apt. 5C

Click borrow to select your dates!


Amanda, unit 7A
Wyncote House Apartments 

Happy Woman

Sustainability is in our DNA

Cleaner Communities

Our mission is to build cleaner communities across the world through the creation of a global, circular process for furniture and other physical goods. We're taking the first step now by reducing the amount of useable furniture and other goods that ends up in landfills or dumped on our streets.

Know your impact

We get it, sustainability can be daunting, and, a bit too buzz-wordy. How do you know if you're truly helping, or if it's all for nothing since you used a paper plate at your friends party (and a plastic fork?!).

At Rego, we consider ourselves sustainability experts for the average person. We believe that the best way to a sustainable world is to make sustainability easy to do, and even easier to understand for everyone (how can you be good at something you don't understand)? 


So, we became the experts so that you don't have to. With each transaction, Rego helps you understand how your actions are impacting the greater good! 

70k lbs of furniture off our streets

Since launching in Philadelphia at the end of 2020, we've successfully diverted over 70k pounds of furniture away from landfills and to different charitable organizations. In the US alone, over 12M tons of furniture ends up in landfills each year. Furniture is one of the least recycled household items and can be extremely toxic when broken apart in a landfill.

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